English intro

For international students

The ELTE Peer Counseling Group is a volunteer organization of psychology students.

We offer free counseling sessions for ELTE citizens- including Erasmus, ELUP and all international students of our university. We are working under the aegis of the ELTE Counseling Center that provides us professional supervision. Besides the counseling sessions, there are community building events (like Movie Evenings or Board Game Sessions) once or twice a month. For international students we offer Peer Counseling in English.

If you think that you may need sessions of thinking together with somebody, you are looking for a place to focus on yourself, or you have some problems that are to be solved, we are available for you. You may find all our counselors at the ‘Segítőink’ flap, where you can choose the counselor you feel you would like to talk to. The sign that the counselor offers sessions in English language is that you see an introduction in English. Whether you choose a specific counselor you would like to talk to or not, the way to a Peer Counseling Session is an e-mail to the address ‘kortars.segito@ppk.elte.hu’.
Feel free to contact us. 😉